Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Crazy Idea for Solving Malaysian Crowded School Problem

Malaysia now is a country fast moving forward and most of the basic public amenities are fully stretch until the limits. The like of roads, schools, hospital and etc. School is the one hard hit by this situations. Just imagine in one classroom that have to accommodate up to 40 to 45 pupils and the school populations can reach up to 2000 over. The best school authority can do is divide the school sessions in two, that is the morning and afternoon session because of the limited space to accommodate the whole populations into one session. This situation is getting worst by year because not many schools are build to cater for the increased intake of the pupils. Beside that, the housing development project that is mushrooming also aggravates the situation.
As a naive person, the crazy idea that I think can and will solved this problem is simple. The Malaysian Government should asked all the housing developer to share this responsibilities together. The Government should in some way prepare a plot of land to build schools in any housing project. Rather then getting taxes from the housing projects, the Government should make a priority for the housing project developer to build a school in the housing project vicinity and this responsibilities can be share by a few developers who develop the housing project concern. And so when the area is develop, a school is also ready to cater for the populations for the area concern. Surely a ratio of one class to 25 pupils is achievable. Beside that, any public utilities that is paramount for the people well being, the likes of Government Health Clinic should also be given the priority to be build in the vicinity of the housing projects.
This idea maybe seem crazy and will create a bit of uneasiness among property developers, what's wrong to share a slice of the cake for the benefit of the community as a whole.

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