Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I love.

My way to see things that is happening now. I feel that we are not doing good enough to protect our green from doom. We, as human being, either we colored or not, are so proud of prides by our believes especially "RELIGION". Can we start small by sharing views where we stand, by not distracting our debate using religion as a means to stop our views. We know too well, its is our fault that the world we lives now is destroy by us, admit it: greed and prides.
To me, as a naive persons, I give my views base where I live and see the ever changing reality
fast gone the green because as we say "development". We need foods, roads, and last but not least, money, the master character in destroying the green. By hook or crook, we need it. What I think we can share is "How to manage our green properly without making us turn back to time of pre-historic time".

Friday, April 11, 2008


Is a simple words to say
but hard to to come by
It's create a feeling that no one can feel
but yet it's existed in all
there's a divide in all
either by ethnic, tribe, country or religion
What does it's really means nowadays?
In a borderless world of magic in electronic
May we share an answer to this question of million
Where there is no ending until the world end