Sunday, July 4, 2010

What we learned from this World Cup of 2010?

Talks about football, all over this globe people will know, although every nations will have their own terms of pronouncing it. To some, it is only a game, but in reality of today's version, football is a pride and dignity either to a persons or a country. Football can bring magic to a nation and can turn somebody fortune in their life. Different races and believers will come together and holds hands.....just because of football. The questions is, what do we learned and see in football?

In this year 2010 world cup editions ( which is still going on ), we can learned a lot from it. As we know, South America is a great nation of football. Why so? My point of view is that the people love football as their way of life. Football can change their life. Football is everything to them. But, just can't bring that nations to be a world champion, as we can see Brazil against Holland, and Argentina against the Germans.

To love football and like football is not enough. second to none, discipline is also important. To me, the Koreans and the Japanese is the best example of the well discipline teams. Although their standards of play is not on par with the best team in the world, but their well organize teams bring them to the last 16 team of the best among the best.

To Africa, they have to change. Ghana is a good teams, but most African teams have one weakness, that is their individualistic character of their player. Sometimes, the riches league doesn't guaranteed a good football team for a nation, a good example is England. What make England a popular team because of an image played down by the great media exposure, but where are they now in the world cup? We will wait for Spain...are they able to stands up to be the world best teams?

A teams that worth to be a world champions now, especially in this new millennium's is a teams of having a good working ethic, well organize, a well culture team spirit and top of it is the approach of "sports science". One teams that manage to show this quality is the Germans. They are the class above all. The way they play and their attitude during the game itself. Holland is also a team which has a bit of this approach, especially their hard works in the field.

Well, what we can say about Malaysia football now? In the 70's and early 80's, Malaysia is above the Koreans and the Japanese, but now we are 20 years behind this two teams. Love and like football is not enough. We have to be a well discipline, well organize, a good culture spirit, a deep pride and dignity towards our country and ourselves. Last but not least, a good sports science approach also played a very important role. No matter who we hire or how professional they are, if we ourselves is not ready to change, it is not worth to spend the money for.

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