Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Me and Not Them...

I dream of touching a star
but it is too far away
I dream of flying like a birds
but I have no wings
I dream of walking around the globe
but I can't cross the seven seas with a pair of legs

A dream is only a dream to them
For me a dreams is a sense of virtually a realistic adventure
I can imagine all the impossible is a possible
It can all come alive through my imagination

Why me and not them.....
Maybe I'm powerless and they are powerfull
Or maybe I'm poor and they are mega rich
And maybe I'm unlucky and they are lucky
I'm  proud because I still can dream like them

Why me, not them....
That live with dreams
That live with imagination
That smile empty alone
That see impossible
And yet it can be possible

Why me and not them.....
Born to be what I am
Suffer as what I am
Poor as what I am
Dream as what I am

Why me and not them.....
Seen as a candle
Giving light to darkness
Showing the path and directions
Till they reach the bright end of the tunnel

Why me...
Because I want me to be what I am
And not them....
Because they don't want to be like me
When my time comes
And my entity never ends
There will always be me
Being love, being hated and being seek
That's me....TEACHER

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